Boosting Brand Visibility With Highlighters, Dry Markers, And Erasers

The biggest brand names did not get to where they are without working hard to promote their services. If you are a new business owner, one of the more important things you should consider is how to tell people about your firm. You may not have the budget that big organizations have, but it should not stop you from finding ways to growing your brand. The solution? Find advertising merchandise that give you much exposure without hurting your checkbook.

Highlighters, dry markers, and erasers are standard office supplies that are used frequently. Stamped with your logo, these promotional items are a sure way to get people to notice your brand.

By impressing the barrel of a highlighter with the URL of your corporate Website or blog, you can drive traffic and build up an online readership base. Brick-and-mortar brands can add their hotline in large print and bring in more prospects. Those who do not go online frequently can simply pick up the phone and call for inquiries.

These writing instruments are also inexpensive unlike other complimentary gifts like T-shirts or bags. One-color highlighters and markers start below fifty cents and can even go cheaper when you buy in bulk. Multicolor highlighters can be secured for at least seventy-five cents, with some marker-and-pen combos going slightly more than a dollar.

Custom-printed highlighters and dry markers are also fitting complimentary gifts for back-to-school promos as well as marketing projects that aim to build up your brand with students, office workers, and teachers. At trade shows and conferences, you can use them as a handout to entice people to give you their business cards or sign up for your newsletter.

With so many models of highlighters, dry markers, and erasers available online, one can easily be overwhelmed, but start small and see how response goes. You can be sure that this little investment will go a long way for your firm.